Best Crate for French Bulldog

When it comes to providing a safe and cozy space for your French Bulldog, a high-quality crate is essential. Whether you’re crate training, traveling, or simply giving your furry friend a comfortable retreat at home, choosing the right crate is crucial. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best crates specifically designed for French Bulldogs. These crates prioritize durability, ventilation, and security to ensure your French Bulldog feels secure and content.

In this article, we will introduce you to a range of top-notch crates that cater to the unique needs of French Bulldogs. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect crate that will become your French Bulldog’s favorite spot, providing them with a sense of security and comfort throughout the day.

Best Dog Crates For French Bulldogs

If you’re currently on the lookout for an ideal dog crate for your new French Bulldog puppy, you’re in for a treat! We have thoroughly reviewed multiple crates, ensuring that you’ll discover the one that perfectly suits both you and your adorable furry companion.


The Diggs Revol dog crate stands as the ultimate selection for your French Bulldog. This crate is not only collapsible for convenient storage and transport, but it is also constructed with your pet’s safety in mind, using durable and corrosion-resistant materials.

Unlike traditional crates, the Diggs Revol crate features a wide, diamond-shaped mesh and a solid, one-piece frame designed specifically to prevent your Frenchie from getting their nose or paws trapped while providing optimal ventilation. Additionally, it includes a convenient ceiling hatch that allows quick access to your dog when needed. Additionally, the crate includes a puppy divider panel, making it an ideal choice for effectively potty training your new furry companion. For senior dogs, the side door provides easy entry and exit.

This versatile crate is perfect for travel, as it comes with a carrying handle and wheels. Assembly is a breeze, taking just a few seconds, and its compact size allows you to fit it into small spaces like your car, apartment, or RV when you’re on vacation with your canine companion. It is particularly well-suited for camping trips when you need a secure place to keep your Frenchie, as many campsites require dogs to be leashed or contained.

Cleaning is hassle-free with the removable plastic tray.


  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a crate divider for puppy stage
  • Collapsible for convenient portability and storage
  • Removable plastic tray for easy cleanup


  • Relatively higher price compared to other crates, but the quality justifies the expense.


If you desire a dog crate that not only provides functionality but also seamlessly integrates with your home decor, look no further than the Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Single Door Furniture Style Dog Crate. It is an ideal choice that combines aesthetic appeal with practicality.

This crate not only serves as a secure and well-ventilated enclosure for your Frenchie but also doubles as an attractive piece of furniture. Its unique design features an adjustable gate that allows you to fence off doorways, open spaces, or specific rooms where you prefer to restrict your pet’s access. Setting up the crate is a breeze—simply unfold it and adjust the panels to fit your desired room size.

With a smooth wood-effect veneer finish, this crate also functions as a practical end or side table, adding functionality to its elegant appearance. No tools or extra hardware are needed for assembly; simply slide the wooden panels together to construct a kennel or utilize the small pins to transform it into a four-panel fence.


  • Versatile design can be converted into a kennel
  • Attractive furniture-like appearance
  • Quick and hassle-free setup and takedown in just a few minutes
  • Includes a convenient slide-out tray for easy cleaning


  • Lacks wheels, making it less portable
  • Crate mats are not included


If you’re a French Bulldog owner who enjoys traveling and wants to take your furry friend along, the Aspen Pet Porter Kennel is the ideal choice, especially for air travel.

Crafted with durable metal and heavy-duty plastic, this pet carrier ensures the utmost safety and security for your Frenchie. What sets it apart is its exceptional ventilation, providing ample airflow from all four sides. This feature is particularly crucial for brachycephalic breeds like French Bulldogs, who may experience breathing difficulties, especially in warm and humid conditions. With unobstructed ventilation, your Frenchie can travel comfortably and breathe easily.

This crate is collapsible, making it convenient for portability and efficient storage. Assembly is a breeze, and cleaning the crate is effortless—simply wash it out after each use and add a cozy, machine-washable bed for your dog’s comfort.


  • An airline-approved travel crate that meets all necessary requirements.
  • Equipped with a leash cable tie inside for enhanced security.
  • Designed with excellent ventilation to ensure optimal airflow.
  • Effortless to clean and maintain, offering convenience in upkeep.


  • Some users find the crate relatively heavy to carry and lift


If you prefer to travel light with your pet, the Frisco 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate is the perfect choice for you and your furry companion.

Setting up this crate is a breeze, requiring no additional tools. When not in use, it conveniently folds completely flat for compact storage. With three zippered doors, accessing your French Bulldog is easy, no matter where you position the crate. To ensure your dog remains securely contained, the cage doors are equipped with locking clips. The side mesh doors provide excellent ventilation, and the inclusion of straps allows you to keep the doors open when desired.

Constructed with a strong and durable steel frame, this crate boasts a water-resistant base and sturdy fabric that can be easily hand-washed for cleanliness and hygiene. Additionally, it comes with a convenient carrying handle, ensuring effortless transportation.


  • Easy cleaning and hygiene and can be washed by hands
  • Excellent ventilation for your dog’s comfort
  • Includes a carrying handle for portability
  • Lightweight and easy to lift
  • Folds flat for convenient storage


  • Not suitable for confirmed chewers, as they may damage the crate


The Midwest Homes for Pets iCrate is a top-selling wire dog crate that is highly regarded in its category.

This crate stands out with its adorable pink finish, making it a favorite among kids! True to Midwest’s reputation, the crate boasts excellent quality and provides great value for your money.

Assembly is a breeze as no tools are required, and it features a removable composite plastic waste tray that is easy to clean in case of accidents. With two convenient carrying handles, you can easily transport the crate like a suitcase. Additionally, the crate comes with a free divider for effective puppy potty training and detachable wheels that allow for effortless movement around your home.

You can select either the single or double-door versions of this vibrant crate, depending on your desired placement in your home and your Frenchie’s preference. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option, this kennel proves to be an outstanding choice for crate training your French Bulldog.

The MidWest Homes metal dog crate is accompanied by a one-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction.


  • Can be used as a single or double-door crate
  • Includes a puppy divider panel
  • Comes with a plastic composite tray for easy cleanup
  • Features carrying handles for convenient portability


  • Limited color options available


The KindTail Pawd Design Dog Crate offers a unique feature that sets it apart from many wooden crates – it is completely collapsible, making storage a breeze when not in use.

This crate serves a dual purpose as a stunning end table, showcasing patterned openings on all sides. Not only does this design add an attractive aesthetic to the crate, but it also ensures optimal airflow for your dog and provides them with a panoramic view of their surroundings. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with separation anxiety.

Unlike most wooden crate end table options, the KindTail Pawd comes in three color choices, allowing you to select the one that best matches your home decor. The crate end table is designed to remain open, allowing your Frenchie to freely enter and exit as they please. While this means it is not suitable for travel purposes, it does feature an integrated carry handle for easy mobility within your home.


  • Attractive design as a dog crate end table
  • Collapsible for convenient storage
  • Integrated handle for effortless portability
  • Provides excellent ventilation


  • Lacks a door to contain your dog inside the crate


The Ovation wire dog crate stands out with its distinctive “Up and Away Door” feature, offering a convenient and effortless method to move your dog in and out of the crate. Unlike traditional hinged doors found in most crates, the Ovation crate’s door is designed to stow away, saving space and allowing for easy placement in your home. To open the door, all you need to do is lift it using the comfort-grip handle and securely position it on top of the crate.

For convenient storage, the crate can be folded flat without the need for any additional tools. Featuring a removable plastic tray, this crate ensures effortless cleanup in case of accidents. With convenient plastic carrying handles, it offers easy portability. Furthermore, its rubber feet provide protection to your flooring, preventing scuffs and damage. Additionally, a puppy divider panel is provided, which is particularly useful for potty training your Frenchie puppy.


  • Includes a removable divider
  • Rubber feet protect your floors
  • Removable plastic tray for easy cleaning
  • Space-saving


  • Crate pad or mat not included

What size crate is suitable for French Bulldogs?

Selecting the right crate size is crucial for the comfort and effectiveness of crate training. Here are the key considerations:

  1. Ample standing room: The crate should be tall enough for your French Bulldog to stand up without hitting their head or ears on the top.
  2. Adequate turning space for comfort: The crate should offer sufficient room for your dog to turn around with ease.
  3. Adequate lying down area: There should be sufficient space for your Frenchie to lie down flat and stretch out comfortably.
  4. Sitting without discomfort: Your dog should be able to sit down without their head or ears touching the top of the crate.
  5. Avoid excess space: The crate should not be excessively large, as it can lead to the dog using one corner for sleeping and another for eliminating waste.

Choosing the correct size crate is vital to successful crate training. Your dog should associate the crate with positive experiences, and a cramped or restrictive space can discourage their willingness to enter and stay inside the crate, making training difficult.

For crate training a French Bulldog, the recommended ideal crate size is approximately 30 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 21 inches in height. However, it’s advisable to measure your dog’s height and length to ensure an accurate fit. If the crate is slightly larger, that’s generally acceptable for training purposes. Additionally, if the crate includes a divider, you can opt for a larger size that your puppy can grow into as they mature.

Keep in mind that different types of crates (plastic, wire, or soft crates) may have slight variations in roominess and sizing. It’s always a good idea to consult the manufacturer’s size chart and guidelines to ensure the crate fits your French Bulldog correctly. Check the manufacturer’s website for information on how to measure your dog accurately before making a purchase decision.

Is crate training suitable for my French Bulldog puppy?

Crate-training French Bulldog puppies is a popular choice among dog owners, and it offers several advantages.

  1. Safe containment: Puppies are naturally curious and can get into trouble when unsupervised. Using a crate allows you to keep your puppy safe and prevent any unwanted mischief when you’re unable to directly supervise them. Crating your puppy at night, for example, helps ensure they don’t disturb your sleep or create messes around the house.
  2. Potty training: Dogs have a natural instinct to avoid soiling the area where they sleep. Crate training can help in teaching your Frenchie puppy to wait until you can let them outside for bathroom breaks. With time, their bladder and bowel control improves, enabling them to hold it for longer durations. Some wire crates come with dividers specifically designed for potty training puppies, while plastic and soft crates usually do not include dividers.
  3. Mimicking a denning experience: Dogs have a natural inclination to seek out enclosed spaces like dens. A crate can create a cozy and den-like environment for your dog, providing a sense of safety and security. Once properly trained, they may seek refuge in their crate during stressful situations or when they desire some peace from the household activities. Adding a crate cover to a wire crate can enhance the denning experience.
  4. Traveling: Numerous owners of French Bulldogs choose to bring their beloved pets along on vacations and road trips. Opting for a purpose-built travel crate guarantees the safety of your dog during the journey. Crates provide a secure space, and in the event of a collision, they protect both your dog and the passengers. Some jurisdictions even require dogs to be contained in a crate while traveling in vehicles. When planning air travel, it is crucial to note that your puppy or dog must be transported in a crate, either in the cabin or cargo hold, as per the mandatory regulations.
  5. Sickness and recovery: During times of sickness or post-surgical recovery, the crate can serve as an ideal space for your puppy or dog to rest and heal. Crates offer comfort, security, and a controlled environment that aids in their recuperation. Additionally, crates with washable beds and removable trays make it easier to maintain cleanliness, especially if your dog has an upset stomach.
  6. Emergency situations: Crate training becomes invaluable during emergencies. Having a crate-trained dog can prevent them from becoming lost or injured in chaotic situations. In regions prone to extreme weather events, entering shelters often requires dogs to be confined in crates.

Crate training provides a range of benefits for both you and your French Bulldog puppy. It is important to introduce the crate gradually, associate it with positive experiences, and ensure it is appropriately sized and comfortable for your dog. Always prioritize their safety and well-being throughout the training process.


In conclusion, selecting the best crate for your French Bulldog is a crucial decision that directly impacts their safety, comfort, and overall well-being. By considering important factors such as size, durability, ventilation, and security features, you can provide your furry friend with a crate that meets their specific needs. Whether you opt for a sturdy wire crate, a cozy plastic crate, or a versatile soft-sided crate, ensuring proper sizing and providing a comfortable environment inside will go a long way in creating a positive association with their crate.

Remember, the best crate is one that promotes a sense of security and serves as a safe haven for your French Bulldog, whether at home or on the go. So invest time and effort in choosing the ideal crate that allows them to rest, relax, and feel at ease, knowing that they have a cozy space of their own.

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