Best Life Jacket for French Bulldog

If you’re planning on taking your French Bulldog on aquatic adventures or boating trips, ensuring their safety in the water is paramount. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and found the best life jackets for French Bulldogs. These life jackets provide buoyancy and support, allowing your furry friend to enjoy the water with confidence.

In this article, we will introduce you to a range of top-quality life jackets that prioritize comfort, fit, and durability. Whether it’s for swimming, boating, or water activities, these life jackets are specially designed to keep French Bulldogs safe and afloat. Let’s explore the best life jackets for French Bulldogs and make their water adventures even more enjoyable and secure.

Guide to Buying a French Bulldog Life Vest

Before you begin the process of selecting a French Bulldog life jacket, there are some essential factors to consider. By checking these things, you can make sure you pick a good product that suits your Frenchie well. When making your decision, prioritize durability and reliable safety features. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

Durability: Regardless of how frequently your French Bulldog engages in swimming activities, it is crucial to prioritize their safety by avoiding easily torn materials. Many life jackets are specifically designed for repeated use without compromising their performance or the integrity of their materials and seams. Check if the life vest you’re considering comes with a return policy or a quality guarantee.

Adjustability: Each Frenchie is unique, even among dogs of the same breed. While life jackets typically come in a range of sizes, from XXS to XXL, ensure that there is adjustability in the neck and belly areas, allowing for a snug fit that doesn’t restrict your dog’s movements.

Measure your Frenchie: The life jackets provided in the links below include sizing charts. Measure your pup when they sit and stand, including their girth (the biggest part of their ribs and neck), back length, and weight. If your Frenchie is close to the maximum measurement of a particular size, it is recommended to choose the next size up to ensure a comfortable and adjustable fit. Sizing can vary among dogs based on factors such as gender, weight, and breed, so reading reviews from owners of similar dogs can be helpful in determining the right fit.

Buoyancy: Be aware that certain life jackets available for sale online may primarily serve the purpose of visibility and lack adequate buoyancy support. It is important to choose a proper dog life jacket that features waterproof webbing, buoyant foam, and is designed to keep your dog afloat, allowing them to swim without sinking.

By thinking about these things, you can pick a life vest for your Frenchie that keeps them safe and comfy.

Here Are Some of the Best Life Jackets for French Bulldogs

1. RuffWear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

The RuffWear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket may be the priciest option among the best life jackets for French Bulldogs, but its quality justifies the cost. According to a poll I conducted, 65% of owners are using this product, and there are several compelling reasons why.

This swimming vest is highly adjustable, featuring a telescoping neck and easy-clip buckles. It is made from durable, waterproof webbing, and strategically placed closed cell foam panels ensure your Frenchie stays afloat in an upright position, minimizing the risk of flipping over or sinking at the front.

You can choose from four bright colors: Blue Atoll, Dandelion Yellow, Sockeye Red, and Wave Orange. Each color option includes contrasting reflective trim, making it easier to spot your Frenchie in the water. The jacket also boasts a low-profile handle on the back, which is easily grabbable, allowing you to retrieve your French Bulldog from the water effortlessly.

Additionally, it features an integrated light loop, enabling you to attach beacon lights for enhanced visibility (lights sold separately).

Are there any downsides? The retail price of over $75 makes it more expensive compared to other French Bulldog life vests on the list. However, if safety and quality are your priorities, it’s my top recommendation.

2. Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

The Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket gets top ratings as the best-selling swimming vest for French Bulldogs online, and it’s easy to see why. This cheap option fits your pup well and is made to keep your Frenchie’s head out of water.

It doesn’t have as many color choices as some other jackets on the list, but the quality of this swimming vest, plus its lower price, makes it a great choice.

Made from durable neoprene, it provides insulation and buoyancy for smaller dogs. It is available in orange or pink, both of which feature bright colors and reflective accents, ensuring easy visibility of your Frenchie in the water. The vest also has a grab-handle on the back, which makes it easier and safer to lift your Frenchie out of the water.

Are there any downsides? Some dog owners have reported seam ripping or tearing after continuous use. Therefore, it is better suited for French Bulldogs who swim occasionally rather than daily. Additionally, it does not have a D-ring for leash attachment.

3. Vivaglory Ripstop Dog Life Jacket with Enhanced Buoyancy

Vivaglory’s Ripstop Dog Life Jacket with Enhanced Buoyancy follows the motto “Measure Twice, Buy Once,” emphasizing the importance of proper sizing when selecting a life jacket for your French Bulldog.

One of the biggest problems with dog life jackets is bad fit. To fix this, Vivaglory gives you a clear and accurate sizing guide.

You can choose from different colors, like yellow, blue, camo, pink, green, and yellow. This bright life jacket has a 90-day quality guarantee for any design or material issues (except chewing or abuse by your pup).

The jacket fastens securely around the belly and neck, with additional padding for enhanced buoyancy without restricting your dog’s movements. This allows them to swim comfortably.

Are there any downsides? Some users have found that it does not provide adequate support in the water for Frenchie breeds, especially those with a heavier front. It is advisable to test the jacket upon receiving it to ensure your dog can swim properly with it on.

4. Queenmore Dog Ripstop Life Jacket with Shark Fin

This life jacket might not help bigger and heavier dogs float much, but it’s perfect for smaller breeds like French Bulldogs. It’s popular because it looks super cute, as you might have seen videos on Facebook of French Bulldogs wearing this life jacket with a shark fin.

You can choose from two fun styles, Grey Shark (with the cool dorsal fin) and Pink Fish (with a mermaid tail). This swimming vest for Frenchies is made from good-quality oxford cloth and polyethylene foam. It has a breezy mesh for comfort.

The jacket is easy to wash, dries fast, and keeps your pup warm in colder water. It has a magic sticker fastening system around the belly and neck, which lets you adjust it to fit dogs of different shapes and sizes.

Additionally, it offers a grabbable handle, a D-ring hook for leash attachment, and reflective accents to ensure your Frenchie can be easily spotted in the water.

Are there any downsides? As mentioned earlier, owners of larger and heavier breeds have noted that this jacket does not provide sufficient flotation support for their dogs. Therefore, it is best suited for smaller breeds like French Bulldogs. Furthermore, the shark fin design tends to flop rather than remain rigid. If you prioritize novelty over safety, there are other shark-style jackets available with sturdier fins.

5. Haocoo’s Dog Safety Life Jacket

This option is a more affordable choice, specifically included for those who have budget constraints. While caution is advised when considering such inexpensive products, it has received positive reviews as a life vest for swimming French Bulldogs.

The life jacket comes in 7 different sizes and offers 11 different colors and designs, ensuring your Frenchie can find the perfect fit and style for their water adventures.

Made from good-quality polyester oxford and nylon fabric, with a breezy mesh and pearl cotton foam, this Frenchie life jacket is strong, quick-drying, comfy, and drains well.

Like all our favorite jackets, it has bright colors with reflective stripes for more visibility. The jacket has an adjustable belt and a D-ring for easy leash attachment.

Also, this swimming life jacket gives you not only different colors and patterns but also four fun designs, like Crocodile, Mermaid or Fish Tail, Lobster Tail, and Shark. Some designs might not fit all sizes, but each design has bright colors for safety, making sure your pup can be easily seen in open water.

Are there any downsides? As with many jackets, one size does not fit all, and some users have found issues with sizing accuracy. It is crucial to measure your Frenchie properly and consult reviews from owners of similar dogs to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, the buoyancy aid provided may not be ideal for larger or heavier dogs, making it more suitable for lighter, smaller breeds.

Do French Bulldogs Require Life Jackets?

Due to their sturdy build and short snouts, French Bulldogs face difficulties in keeping their heads above water and swimming effectively. In fact, most Frenchies are unable to swim at all without the assistance of a life jacket or buoyancy aid. Without additional support, they are at a significant risk of sinking.

You might see some French Bulldogs swimming without a life jacket sometimes, but most people agree that French Bulldogs can’t swim. Like babies and small kids, even shallow waters can be dangerous for Frenchies.

So, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Getting one of the best French Bulldog life jackets is important for your peace of mind and their safety. With a life jacket, you can have fun in the water without always worrying about your Frenchie’s health.


In conclusion, choosing the best life jacket for your French Bulldog is a crucial step in ensuring their safety and enjoyment during water-related activities. French Bulldogs, despite their love for adventure, may face challenges when it comes to swimming due to their brachycephalic anatomy and dense body structure. A well-designed life jacket can provide buoyancy and support, allowing your furry friend to participate in water activities with confidence.

When selecting a life jacket, consider important factors such as size, flotation capacity, visibility, and comfort. Opt for a life jacket specifically designed for dogs, with adjustable straps and secure fastenings to ensure a proper and snug fit. Bright colors and reflective strips enhance visibility, making it easier to spot your French Bulldog in the water. It’s important to let your Frenchie get used to the life jacket slowly and make sure they’re comfy wearing it before going into the water.

Always watch your pup during water stuff, and remember that a life jacket should never take the place of constant watching. By investing in the best life jacket for your French Bulldog, you can provide them with an added layer of safety and peace of mind, allowing them to fully enjoy their time in the water while keeping them protected.